"Nunca moriré por lo que pienso, pero si por lo que pienso vivo, si no tengo palabras dibujo sobre un lienzo y si las encuentro escribo"

"Venezuelan-born, Yumar is an Abstract/ Contemporary Artist from Caracas, Venezuela with Spanish and Portuguese ancestry and a background in Laws, Cinema, and Sound engineering. He has started his career in Montreal, Canada 2 years ago, deciding then to achieve his dream of painting all over Asia and Oceania. A journey that extended for 12 months through India, Nepal, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Vietnam and Malaysia in collaborative and solo. He has completed several canvas series, murals, installations, sculptures, sound landscapes and exhibitions at private and public spaces along his way.

Using Art expression as a form of flow and meditation, Yumar channels inner messages to understand himself and the culture he absorbs from, with the only purpose of sharing back his expression with the World, He finds a storyline in between Contemporary themes, street culture, science, religion, esotericism, and existentialism. Yumar created a body of work that applies contrast and repetition, a perfect asymmetry, iconography, always exploring the subjects behind the theories of our existence ”


Bukit Bintang / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - “Stop trying to be GOD” Street performance and exhibition.

Mui Ne, Vietnam - “ The 5th Dimension” Permanent  exhibition/ Mural.

Hop Hotel lobby / Palawan, Philippines - “Signs from a higher existence”- Permanent exhibition.

South Yarra Hotel lobby / Melbourne, Australia . “If theres no time why you lose it ?” - Series of murals/ permanent exhibition.

SAC Gallery / Bangkok, Thailand 2019. “No authority but yourself” - 2 weeks exhibition both canvas.

Contemporary Art museum of Kathmandu / Kathmandu, Nepal 2019. “Entering the 5th dimension” - Permanent exhibition canvas / and installation.

Hotel Isham / Rishikesh, India 2019.  “Entering the 5th dimension” - Mural and Installation, permanent Art exhibition.

SSENSE / Montreal, Qc Canada 2018. “L’Imaginaire” / Exhibition.

Art Lounge / Montreal, Qc Canada 2018. "Signs from a higher existence" - Exhibition

Mural Festival / Montreal, Qc Canada 2018. “Recycling your thoughts” - Street Art Installation.

Mural Festival  / Montreal, Qc Canada 2018 / Sketch exhibition.

Laced with Love / Montreal, Qc Canada 2017 / “Hypernormalization” Exhibition. 

Music.Art.Ppl / Montreal, Qc 2017 Canada. “Techno as religion” Live Painting show.

Opera outside the box / Montreal, Qc Canada 2017. “Data” Painting exhibition.

Music.Art.Ppl / Ottawa, On Canada 2017. ”Flow” Live Painting show.

Toyhouz / Montreal, Qc Canada 2017. “Faces we see” exhibition, “Apples” Audiovisual screening.

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