A subconscious craving .

From the feeling of craving, to obtain more always desiring more, greed, greed, the ego without a mask consuming all, leaving nothing for the rest, you are indispensable for the success of Society, individualists living in community, victims of a repressive mental system. 

You need to be accepted, you need to feel valued, Indoctrinated since childhood, without noticing it, you want more, more money, more power, more more of that, which is not yours by nature. Again, to pretend, again, to compensate what you think you are lacking when you have it all other will respect you for what you have not for what you are, you have been ignoring this for too long, when you lose it all, that will be a great lesson, after all.  :)

[ From silence ]

[ A blank space ]

A Short reflecting the relation between an Artist and it’s Sound.

Music as a mere language, created long time ago, corrupted by those , using an already decrypted formula to manipulate emotions. Sound itself search for the truth  above control and as an Artist there’s only truth to be said.

This time I directed, edited the film and realized the Sound.

Camera work by Giancarlo Valerio.

Thanks to Melanie Elliot and Manuel Aponte starring on the film.


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